Saturday, November 6, 2010

Camillias in Bloom

Thanks to Jane at SmallButCharming, I now know that the green fruit thingy is an osage orange. Interestingly enough, the osage orange tree is not native to this area, so I need to go back and look around for the tree itself.

I'm not obsessed with cemeteries, but it seems that the most interesting places to go with the little camera at lunchtime are Greensboro's oldest cemeteries. First it was Green Hill and yesterday it was to the Old Presbyterian Graveyard just behind the Greensboro Historical Museum. The museum building itself is actually the third of First Presbyterian Church's church buildings and is the only Richardsonian Romanesque building left in town.

When the church moved to its present location in 1928, this was given to the city to serve as a civic center and as the main library. The library moved out to a new building in the mid-60's and this became the historical museum.

But the graveyard remained in the back next to the parking lot and became a little worse for wear over the years. After a terrible ice storm in 2006 which damaged a lot of the old tombstones, a foundation was established to restore the graveyard back to its original look.

One of the first things the foundation did was to clean up the area and restore the pathway. Along this pathway is a huge camillia bush which was in full bloom Friday when I went to take pictures. It makes me wish that I had space in my tiny garden area to plant one as the blossoms are absolutely wonderful.


flwrjane said...

Love camellias. We have a white one that usually manages to synchronize its bloom time with big rain time. Not always a successful combination. But I still love them.

xo jane

Val said...

Exquisite camellia pictures with the true pink shades accurately captured.

Karen said...

Jane: I know so little about camellias and didn't even realize that they bloomed in the fall.

Val: It was absolutely amazing to walk in and see this huge bush just covered in blooms in November.