Monday, November 22, 2010

Linney Family Barn. Hiddenite, North Carolina

After finding those two barn quilts during our trip to Marion, NC and Lake Tahoma, I decided to do a little research to see what I could find out about barn quilts here in North Carolina.

It turns out that from a small beginning a few years ago up in two North Carolina mountain counties, the idea now encompasses six contiguous counties in the mountains and has spread to two foothill counties just an hour and a half’s drive from Greensboro.

So armed with a driving map of barn quilts in Iredell and Alexander counties, my Travel Buddy (TB) and I set out to take pictures of what we could see.

First up on the map was the quilt on the Linney Family Barn outside the tiny village of Hiddenite.

Linney Family Barn features one block from “Stepping Stones” or “Good Cheer.” The quilt was made by Elsie Clark Linney within sight of this barn, c. 1915 in Alexander County. The quilt is currently owned by the maker’s son, Gene Linney and family of Taylorsville.

Tomorrow, on to Barn Quilt Number 2.


Dartford Warbler said...

What an interesting tradition. A silly question, but presumably they take the quilts in during the winter?

Karen said...

DW: They are made out of either plywood or aluminum so they stay up year round. I'm trying to interest Anne at Frayed at the Edge to start a similar barn quilt byway up in Scotland.

rachel said...

What a delightful idea!

Anyes said...

Such a pretty idea
I know I am going to be silly asking, but here it goes:Do they have it in Canada as well?

Karen said...

Rachel: Maybe a quilt barn trail there in Newcastle? I keep seeing on the Internet that there is one in the UK, but I can't find where.

Anyes: The only one I can find is in Ontario. If you have a minute, I linked to a quilt barn blog. The woman who's it is has already visited 1,000 quilt barns. I had no idea there were that many here in the US, but in NC alone there are close to 150.

Anyes said...

Thank you Karen, I'd love it :-)

Carolina said...

I do love these quilt posts!