Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ayr Mount. Hillsborough, North Carolina

After our quick tour at St. Matthew’s, it was back in the car and back up the street to Ayr Mount, a Federal style plantation built in 1815 by William Kirkland

Richard Jenrette, a North Carolina native and one of the founders of Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette bought this from the nephew of the widow of the last direct Kirkland descendant. He has meticulously restored and furnished Ayr Mount with period antiques and decorative arts, including many original Kirkland furnishings. I had been given Richard Jenrette’s book, Adventures with Old Houses, some years ago as a Christmas present after a side trip while we were in Rhinebeck, NY took us past Edgewater, his main residence. I had been dying to go in Ayr Mount ever since he had opened it for tours a few years back.

So, eagerly we went to the house just a few minutes before the first tour and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. We were the only ones there (well, it was wet and cold and there is no place to wait except outside on the front lawn) and it didn’t look as though we were going to be able to tour. No one ever showed up (although we didn’t really wait all that long because it was . . . wet . . . and . . . cold. I’ll be the first to admit to being a wimp), so this goes back on the list of places to visit.

But, I did get some really nice pictures of the outside of the house and the front lawn and back patio area (which was added by Jenrette). As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “The rich are different from you and me.”


frayedattheedge said...

Hope you go back for the tour - I would love to see what the house is like inside!

Val said...

How frustrating not to be able to take the tour - something similar to when you visit England in winter - stately houses all closed up and no tours! I was enchanted by the little flower and squash arrangements at the end of the driveway, unusual to see at such a grand house.

Rose H (UK) said...

Hello Karen
What fabulous photos you take! (I'd never make a good photographer).
Thank you for you kind comments - a small world indeed :o)
From Val's comments you must have missed out on some of our beautiful stately homes...maybe you could come back in the summer time when they're open ;o)
Best wishes
Rose H

Karen said...

Anne: It is very high on my to-do list. If you got a chance to read the New York Times article about Edgewater and click on the pictures, you can see the attention to detail that he did in restoring that house.

Val: I hope you got a chance to look at today's post and the closeup of the pumpkin and pansies along with the flowers from the back.

Rose: It is a small world to find a Suzanne McMinn follower all the way in the UK. Hope you come back occassionally!