Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When You are Very, Very Rich

When you are part of that one percent of Americans who are very, very, very wealthy, such as Richard Jenrette, you don't have the kid down the street come mow your lawn and weed whack your fence line. You have a landscape designer plus their minions take exquisite care of your property.

They don't put out carved Jack O'Lanterns on the front stoop; they make the perfect arrangements of pumpkins and pansies in the cast iron urns (which are probably expensive antiques).

You plant Constance Spry climbing roses and some type of white chrysanthemums which, of course, are not your normal buy-it-at-a-big-box-retailer mums.

And while you are sitting on your back patio (although the rich probably call it something else), you can look over your perfectly groomed lawn which rolls down to your man-mad lake.

And this probably looks very beautiful in the spring, summer and early fall, not on a gray drizzly day in November.

Being very rich puts you in an entirely different stratosphere of life.

There is also a long landscaped walk from the house down to the banks of the Eno River, called Poet's Walk, about a half mile in length. I'll have to come back in the spring and walk it and take pictures.


Dan said...

Hi Karen
Beautiful gardens, and I like the sound of Poet's Walk. I'm not too sure about the planter with the pumpkin perched on top though...

rachel said...

But how much pleasure do they get out of it when they haven't invested anything but their cash in their gardens and lakes, I wonder?

And that pumpkin pansy planter thing is really naff.......

Anonymous said...

Some people get enormous pleasure from viewing gardens designed, planted and cared for by others.

moreidlethoughts said...

I looked at those pumpkins-plonked-on-pansies yesterday and held my tongue...
Where is the potager? The compost heap? The chicken coop? Maybe I miss the point.

Karen said...

Dan: I think most people looked at the pumpkins in the urns and thought "Whaa......?"

Rachel: Well, at least we got to enjoy the patio area, if just for a few minutes before we called it quits. As to the pumpkins, well, different strokes for different folks.

Di: Sorry, the potager, compost heap and coop would seriously spoil the whole atmosphere he is trying to create.