Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harrington Apple House. Taylorsville, North Carolina

And now the very last barn. This route would take us out of the foothills, past Taylorsville and up into the mountains.

And this is not a barn like the ones the other quilts were on. This is an old apple packing house, used for many years and now closed. But like the others, it has a beautiful barn quilt on the side of the building.

The Harrington Apple House was operated by the late Flake Harrington and features the center section of an original quilt design with 5,810 pieces, made by Salle Jane Edmiston Woodward, c. 1885, in Iredell County. The quilt is owned by a great-grandaughter, Ethel Mason Campbell and family of Statesville.

I wish I could tell you specifically that all of these were either painted or are large (and I do mean large, probably close to 5 feet tall squares) photos. All of these barn quilts are on private property and I was loathe to take pictures any closer than from the side of the road. I'm not sure how they handle trespassers up here in the foothills and mountains, but I wasn't interested in finding out. I am pretty sure that the very first barn quilt, the Linney Barn, was painted, but the more I look at these photos (and all of your comments) I'm not sure about the others. But can you imagine how expensive a huge vinyl photo would be?


Barn Quilter said...

You have taken some beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I thought that I would share the following links for the Alexander County Barn Quilts:


Karen said...

BQ: Thanks so much for solving that mystery on your blog. I did find the other link while looking for a place to take our Saturday day trip. We had been to the Diamond Jim Lucas museum in the past and had thought about doing it again when I saw the Barn Quilt project. It was a perfect day trip. I wonder why photos, though, instead of painted quilts like those in Western NC.