Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Prestwould Plantation.

And some more photos from Prestwould.

The plantation office.

A black locust tree in Lady Jean's garden. Most of the trees had long gone by and this was the only one left with any color.

Lady Jean's favorite place to sit in the garden. The garden itself is huge and still in the process of being restored, as it was thirteen years ago the last time we were here. We were told that it has the largest collection of irises in the state. I guess we'll have to come back in the spring.

Bee skeps, but no bees. Gone for the winter, maybe?

The loom house built in 1830. Here the slaves transformed the cotton picked in nearby fields into cloth.

The spring house containing the well which supplied water to the main house and outbuildings.


geigerandsporran said...

The bees have probably gone for good, going on the state of the skeps!
But I just love those, rusty, peeling,worn pictures!

Karen said...

Geiger and Sporran (and Di): My two favorite cats from Australia!

I think that the skeps were just for decoration, although from my Internet searching I found that skeps can last for 150 years.

And the loom house? I guess that is as much restoration that will be done as compared to the plantation office. It was after all where the slaves worked and not as grand as the office.