Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blue Jay

Although I keep asking Anne at Frayed at the Edge to send me one of the blue tits that come to her feeder, I do have a blue colored bird who shows up frequently to terrorize the little songbirds and annoy me with his braying call. I have a Blue Jay that feeds at the hopper feeder, the one with suet cakes that the woodpeckers are ignoring.

Along with the mourning doves, he is the largest of the birds who come to visit my small garden, measuring close to a foot in length. Compare that size to the female goldfinch posted yesterday; she only measures 4 inches long.

I read at Cornell University's All About Birds website that blue jays lower their crests when they are feeling comfortable in the area that they are feeding in. Obviously he's quite comfortable with the feeders and the garden as he will swoop in and bully the songbirds away from whatever it is he wants, be it the feeder or the birdbath.

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chickory said...

that IS a good snapshot (or two) I like blue jays. they are great sentries. when they start braying i go out and see what its about -sometimes they alert me to a hawk or falcon - which allows me to herd my little chicks to safety.

frayedattheedge said...

I was going to offer you a swap for a blue jay - until I read how big they are!! The last bird in my post was a chaffinch - which I knew, but it was confirmed by Dawn, of
We've had another miserable day , although we did manage a short walk and I took more photos of two (captive) eagle owls, which I'll post tomorrow (they are seriously big!!)

Anyes said...

He sure seems comfortable to be where he is! What good snapshots of this handsome fellow ;-)

flwrjane said...

Blue Jays, one of the few creatures our cat is afraid of. They are such bullies, and yet so good looking.

Nice shot ( as ever).

xo jane

moreidlethoughts said...

He's gorgeous! Yes, they intimidate the little ones, but, as Chicory says, they are good sentinels.

(I've had to rely on a web pic for my T.S. pigeon!)

Dartford Warbler said...

What a stunning bird and some great photos!
Our jays are also very beautiful, but are not popular with the smaller songbirds as they regularly steal eggs from nests. I often hear them screeching to each other out in the woods, but they are quite shy birds and don`t visit the bird table unless the weather is very severe.

Karen said...

Chickory: Well, welcome to my blog! The Cornel University website says that they can imitate red-shoulder hawks calls. May be they are trying to intimidate your chickens?

Anyes: I see him and his mate around all the time, hanging out in the river birch in the front or the neighbor's crepe myrtle next door. Always around.

Anne: I'm still agitating for the blue tit. I'll think of another bird to trade from here.

Jane: Since my cats are strictly indoors, it's the little birds who get bullied. The cats are oblivious.

Di: We'll have to trade-off on the TS pigeon on your end and my mourning dove here in the States. Stay tuned for that.

DW: I had to google for your Jay. Wow, pink! Ours also are mostly acorn feeders and in fact biologist think they are responsible for the huge oak forest across the eastern US prior to European settlement.

Val said...

An excellent picture of a stunning bird. The blue shapes, lined by black, remind me of stained glass windows.

Karen said...

Val: The feathers are indeed gorgeous. Every time I find one on the patio, I keep it for my collection.

Carolina said...

Great shots! My blue tits (snickering) can't match that. LOL