Thursday, November 11, 2010

Little Brown Job

In the Netherlands, birders get really colorful little birds like Carolina at Brinkbeestphotos' pimpelmees or in English, a blue tit. I get what serious birders call "LBJ's" or little brown jobs. Here's a link to a better description of the term than I could give:

So, here's what I mostly get at my feeder, a song sparrow. Certainly not a pimpelmees or what I would really love to have, a hoopoe



Anyes said...

Karen, I really love your little brown job...
I am going to learn more about where I can place a feeder and which seeds to have, and hopefully I'll have a little brown job visiting me too ;-)

frayedattheedge said...

I hope you haven't offended your sparrow by calling it a lbj - it is a lovely little thing!!

moreidlethoughts said...

We call many of them LBJs, too. Especially if they look like something else and are too quick or indistinct to ID. ;-)

Karen said...

Anyes: I'm fortunate to have a redbud tree just ten feet from the sliding glass door, so I hung the feeder there. I can turn off all the lights and use the dining room like a birding blind.

Anne: And it does have the most beautiful song, but I still want a hoopoe.

Di: I think I counted something like 30 different sparrow types some only distinguished by the size of the stripes on their heads or whatever. I don't know how serious birders can tell the difference. I agonized over what type of sparrow this was.