Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green Hill Cemetery. Greensboro, NC

And where did I find that dandelion, perfect and with the seeds still intact? Here at Green Hill Cemetery, the first city cemetery here in Greensboro. There wasn't anyone around to disturb the weeds. Although city-owned and on the edge of downtown, it is in shabby shape. Here's an article from the Greensboro News and Record about the difficulty of maintaining the property.

There are some wonderful monuments scattered about, but on the day I went the weather had turned cold and blustery and I hadn't dressed warmly. I just jumped out of the car and took a few snapshots of the trees and statuary along with the dandelions and put this on my list for another day.


rachel said...

There's a dreadful custom here now of lying old gravestones or crosses down on the ground if they are at all lopsided - something to do with the current obsession with Health & Safety. It looks like the old, atmospheric churchyard or cemetery has been vandalised.

Carolina said...

What a wonderful shot. You've captured the atmosphere beautifully.

moreidlethoughts said...

There's an old (from late 19th C I think)cemetery here and I keep meaning to go down there some day.
Strange that I haven't yet, as I love places like that!

Karen said...

Rachel: Is that a walk you could take with Flossie and Tosca to take pictures? That would make an interesting post.

Carolina: Looks more spooky than it really is. But, plenty of picture-taking material.

Di: Now there's a post I would like to see - an old Australian cemetery.