Sunday, November 7, 2010

Well, Hello, My Fine Feathered Friend

Now that the garden has been put to bed for the winter, I have put out bird feeders for the birds who stay here in the area during the cold weather.

One of my favorite birds is the little tufted titmouse and right on cue he showed up at the feeder along with a dozen goldfinches. The goldfinches were a little too frenetic for me to get a good snapshot, but this little guy flew up to the branches of the redbud and posed for me for quite a while.

And then down to the patio table where I had managed to spill a ton of sunflower seeds trying to fill the feeder.

(These were all taken yesterday with the big camera).


rachel said...

What a little beauty!

Lucky you, being able to watch and feed the birds. The only real downside of having cats is not being able to have bird feeders close to the house.

Carolina said...

Such a gorgeous little 'kuifmees'. Well caught. Slightly jealous, because my bird photos didn't turn out as good as these. (Must do better! Will try harder!)

Dan said...

Wow, fantastic pictures!!

Karen said...

Rachel: And even with a sliding glass door looking out at the patio and garden area, none of the three are even interested in the birds.

Carolina: I found out that Kuifmees is a Crested Tit. Pretty close in appearance but the Tufted Titmouse is half the size. And don't be jealous, I took more than 300 bird pictures and only about four came out.

Dan: Thank you!

Anyes said...

WOW! is all I have to say :-)

Karen said...

Anyes: Thank you!