Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Lunch Buddy

I am very fortunate to work less than 10 minutes from my house. At lunchtime, I come back home to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, listen to the noon news and take a quick look at the new posts in my blog lists.

For the past five days, the red-bellied woodpecker has shown up exactly at noon to feed at the tube feeder (an aside - while the downy woodpeckers have found the suet cakes, either it is not to the red-bellied woodpecker's liking or he just still hasn't discovered it). And now that I have set up a table feeder, he's feeding there, much to the surprise of a male cardinal.

I actually hung up on my mother to take the following shots:

Thank goodness, she's my mother and understands the need to take a good snapshot when the opportunity presents itself.


flwrjane said...

Big, beautiful, clear shots. you are an artist with that camera.

Of course artistic temperament is forgiven.

xo jane

Val said...

And what magnificent pix they are. You really have an affinity for bird photography.

Isabelle said...

Wow. These are beautiful. And the quilt barns are fascinating.

Carolina said...

He's a beauty, as is the Cardinal. The woodpecker looks like our 'grote bonte specht' (also a woodpecker) of which I have no shots yet, which is not my mothers fault, although I'm sure she wouldn't understand it if I hung up on her just to take a photo. Ah well...
Don't you just love to watch all these birds? Makes me smile every time. ;-)

Anyes said...

What great company you keep at lunchtime! I am jealous ;-) and I am sure your mom is beaming with pride looking at your photographs!

andrea said...

Wonderful! I was lucky enough to catch a pileated woodpecker from my kitchen window (with my camera) recently so I totally get it.

Dan said...

What great pictures Karen, and such a pretty bird. It made me chuckle to read that you had hung up on your mum to take the pictures! You can't miss these fleeting opportunities.

Karen said...

Jane: Thank goodness my mother doesn't take offense at things like this. No artistic temperament here, just tying to get a good snapshot.

Val: Thank you, but it's more that good picture taking opportunity is scarce now that winter is here. The birds present the best opportunity.

Isabelle: I'm pushing for someone, anyone there in Scotland to get the ball rolling to do the same thing. Some women in South Africa are banding together to start their own trail.

Carolina: I see that translates to the Great Spotted Woodpecker and that you also have a Medium Spotted Woodpecker and a Small Spotted Woodpecker. Now that would be a great snapshot if you could get all three in the same picture!

Anyes: It's been an easy shot through the sliding glass doors, but it makes me realize the need to clean them better than I have.

Andrea: Thank you and welcome to my blog!

Dan: My mom is great and understands the need to get that picture.

Dartford Warbler said...

What a beautiful woodpecker. It must be related to our Greater Spotted Woodpecker. A pair of them come to our bird feeder so I`ll try and get a photo one day.

Karen said...

DW: I would love to see a Greater Spotted Woodpecker. I misspoke and it is actually a female woodpecker that keeps coming to the tube feeder. Shall we start with the dumb woodpecker jokes?