Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wayne Wooten Farm. Hiddenite, North Carolina

Then we made a U-turn and went back down the road to the next quilt barn on Query Road.

The directions were fairly accurate (I keep setting the trip odometer back to zero) and so we had no problems finding the barn. But it is the middle of deer hunting season here in North Carolina and so there were no detours down side dirt roads. Although I doubt that a silver Honda Fit could be confused for a white tailed deer, keeping Dick Cheney in mind I didn’t want to take a chance.

Wayne Wooten Barn was originally known as the Query Family Farm, and it features one block of a quilt called “Grandmother’s Choice” and was made by Ella Saunders Fowlkes, c. 1940 in Caswell County. The quilt is currently owned by the maker’s grandson, Robert W. Duncan and family of Taylorsville.


Anyes said...

I love how the quilt makes the whole barn "alive" again. Be very careful now, you don't want to get shot...no matter who's holding the riffle ;-)

frayedattheedge said...

Oh - I wish I could have been on the trip with you. The quilts are fabulous, and it's wonderful to have the little bits of history as well.
If only I could send you one of the eagle owls!! They were found as chicks and hand reared, which is why they are kept in the aviary. They are very big and very scary ..... and absolutely gorgeous!!

flwrjane said...

How much would I love to look out my back window and see this as opposed to the Sheraton National?

Life not imitating but being art.

xo Jane

Karen said...

Anyes: It's such a wonderful idea and brings tourists to an area that desperately needs it. We did see hunters in orange blaze driving down the roads, but they hunt far away from these farms.

Anne: When I'm not concerned about getting caught in snow in the mountains this winter, I have more barn quilts to take pictures of. They are trying to get these set up in all 100 North Carolina counties.

Jane: How much I would give to look out my living room window and not see a parking lot. The joys of townhouse living. That's why I try to take a trip every Saturday to this places.

Carolina said...

Very striking!