Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Little Brown Job

I have about five inches of leaf litter over my daylilies for the winter and that attracts lots of little song sparrows as they are ground feeders. Generally the only way I know that a little brown job is down there in the garden is when I see leaves flying around in a normally still area. Sparrows are ground feeders; looking for beetles, worms and seeds dropped from the hanging feeders.

But occasionally, one will get tired of rummaging through dead leaves and will fly up to the feeder where the good stuff is.

Song Sparrow

I take snapshots of anything and everything that comes through the patio and garden area. Generally I either get very bad, very blurry photos which are discarded or pictures of the same old, same old.

So imagine the surprise when I brought this picture up on the computer and noticed that the bird wasn't strictly brown and grayish, but had yellow eyebrows. After a little digging through my Sibley bird book, I found that I had a Savannah sparrow visiting me.

Savannah Sparrow


frayedattheedge said...

I shall have to look more carefully at our sparrows! I love the woodpecker in you previous post - we only get one kind of woodpecker in the garden.

Anyes said...

Go ahead Karen, and make it a full birdie blog for the colder months. It looks awesome and I am learning tons about those beautiful LBJ ;-)

Karen said...

Anne: I'm having to take pictures first and ID afterwards when I get the pictures up on the screen. All little sparrows look alike to me at first glance. The red-bellied woodpecker was a surprise. I've never had one at the feeder before.

Anyes: Well, it probably will be mostly birds this winter, but if the weather is good on the weekends, more road trips in the future. Stay tuned!