Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Roses in Bloom

New roses blooming in pots on the patio:

This is Clotilde Soupert, a Bourbon antique rose. Right now it doesn't look like the picture in the catalog. My hope is that it is due to our extreme heat; we'll see in the fall if it comes closer to the catalog version.

And Gruss an Aachen, also in a container. The full flower looks fairly close to the catalog picture, but the catalog describes the bud as "colorful, with tints of orange-red and yellow" which isn't how they appear right now.

Gardener blogger friends - Will they look better as they get more established?


Carolina said...

I'm not a huge rose lover. Or, I do love roses, but they nearly always disappoint me in my garden. And I don't like their thorns. Weeding under roses never leaves me unscratched. I do have some roses though, but your question is far too difficult for me ;-) Their leaves look very healthy though. Nice and green and shiny. So that's good!

frayedattheedge said...

The roses look wonderful - but I can't help with your query.