Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunset Sunday

I had to go back through my old snapshots to find a good one of a sunset. Unfortunately with the high heat and stagnant air (Code Orange!), our sunsets have been sorely lacking in any photographic value. This was taken back the beginning of April when we were seeing storm after storm come through from the Midwest. I went out to our airport where I could get high enough to get shots of the clouds as they were being pulled apart by the strong winds ahead of the stormfront.

You can find Sunset Sundays over at Scott Law Photography. I'm doing this with Anyes at Faraway in the Sunshine as an ongoing project.


Anyes said...

I always find your skies to be so dramatic Karen and I love your colours. Enjoy your Sunday :-)

frayedattheedge said...

In agree with Anyes - there is always so much drama in your sky photos!

Karen said...

Anyes: Those extreme storms we had this summer have certainly given me dramatic sunsets.

Anne: Thank you, but sometimes I could certainly do without the winds, thunder and lightening that comes afterwards.