Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stunning Sunday Skies

Another parking lot snapshot. I took this Thursday afternoon prior to a rain storm that did nothing more than dampen the dirt.

I shot this straight up using the little camera. It doesn't have a viewfinder, just the ubiquitous LCD display screen which I couldn't see a thing on. So I just took some random shots to see if I could capture anything interesting. Out of the 20 I took, three turned out well. Its just a fun way to take photos without any planning.

I'm doing this as an ongoing project with Anyes over at Faraway in the Sunshine. Go over and she what she found in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Susan said...

I love taking photos that way - in fact some of my best & favourites are a result of this "technique" ;-) I just hold the camera out away from me and snap away. Gorgeous sky shot !!
xo Susan & les Gang

Anyes said...

I can never get tired of your skies Karen! So much going on every time, such a pleasure to discover every Sunday :-)

Karen said...

Susan: It is always a surprise to find that something has turned out halfway decent when you are shooting blindly. It is a lot of fun, too!

Anyes: It is a pleasure to see your skies over there in Vancouver. So different than what I find here in North Carolina.