Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stunning Sunday Skies

I went chasing after the sunset this past Friday so that I could get good snapshots for Sunset Sunday which will be next Sunday.

I pulled into a church parking lot to figure out where the next best place would be to go get a good shot without trees and power lines in the foreground. When I turned around, I saw this sky. The clouds are pink from the sun's glow, but despite their ominous look, we never got a drop of rain . . . again. Our drought has inched up from abnormally dry to moderate drought. Perhaps a stray thunderstorm next week, but the weather forecasters don't hold out much hope from a break from the extreme heat and dry weather.

I am doing this as an ongoing project with Anyes over at Far Away in the Sunshine.  Go over and see what she saw in her skies.

A postscript. Blogger has added a location button. When I can, I'll add the location so you can see where I got my snapshot. Most of the time you can also use the Street View function, too. So take a look at my world - I will try to take more pictures in my hometown in the near future.


Carolina said...

STUNNING indeed. Wow! You know how to find and capture a gorgeous sky. You deserve a standing ovation for this one. Maybe some devine intervention? ;-)

Jennifer Renee said...

That is just breathtaking!!!!!

Anyes said...

Carolina is onto something...Divine intervention? Breathtaking skies as always Karen. Have an awesome Sunday :-)

Dan said...

Wow, look at the height of that cloud! What a brilliant photo Karen!!

Scrappy Grams said...

awesome shot! Wish we could share our rain with you.

Karen said...

Carolina: Thank you. Maybe it was divine intervention? I certainly wasn't planning on pulling in the parking lot there.

Jennifer Renee: Thank you. It was probably a once-in-a-year snapshot.

Anyes: Well, something/someone guided me to that particular parking lot.

Dan: Love those Cumulonimbus clouds. I would love them even more if they would rain on us instead of around us.

Norma: Glad to have you back! Yes, send your rain down south please.