Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Latest Daylilies

The unnamed daylilies have started to bloom and I am going to try to match them against the inventory pictures of the nursery in Indiana where I got these from. This first one is called Custard Candy. Love the green eye!

And the closest to this bloom is a variety called Quaking Aspen (the little black dots are ants which have since been dispatched with soap and water). You can see that it is different from Happy Returns of the last post.

And more to come as the daylilies are starting to put out more and more buds.


frayedattheedge said...

Lovelt photos! Several times I have taken macro shots of flowers, then found that there is an insect which I haven't noticed, as it is so small!

Anyes said...

Colours everywhere, I love how nature brightens our souls. Have a great week-end, Karen :-)

Dartford Warbler said...


Karen said...

Anne: I saw the ants but decided to take the picture anyway since it was hotter than you-know-what and I just wanted to get back inside.

Anyes: And you are so lucky to have Victoria Island and all those lovely parks there in Vancouver.

DW: Thank you (I need to pop over to your blog and see what the dogs have been up to).