Friday, June 24, 2011

Lovers Leap Birdhouses

One of the nice things about staying off the main roads is that you can find the most interesting shops. One of our favorites is the Lovers Leap Birdhouses in Virginia. Inside is a collection of birdhouses that are handmade by Henry Mickles.

I don't have a spot for birdhouses, but I like to stop and pick up a new rubber ducky (this time it was three different ones - one like a cat, one that was rainbow striped and one that was a devil). If you're not sure what I'm talking about, here is a good link to go to - Century Novelty. Dumb, I know, but I line them up on the shelf in my cube at work.

Anyway, Henry has a cable with six or seven thistle feeders on it and when we were there, they were all covered with goldfinches (I get them in the winter when they are drab and olive colored). I went outside to take a snapshot and they all flew off except for this one that just ignored me.

And why does he have these feeders strung up high on cables? Go here to find out why. Henry also has three bird cams streaming on his site 24/7. For my friends overseas, go and check out what the weather looks like just 50 miles north of here. I'll admit, it is a little more interesting in the winter as Meadows of Dan gets a lot more snow than we do. But you'll be able to see the birds at his feeders, and if you're lucky all sorts of wildlife.


Anyes said...

Apparently gravity is his friend ;-)

How many rubber duckies do you have on the shelf in your cubicle?

Carolina said...

I was FORBIDDEN to see the live stream of the bird cams. Very disappointing :-(
But your photo is great :-)
And your American goldfinches don't look like the European ones. I will call you 'rubber duck woman' from now on ;-)

dinahmow said...

Aw, shucks! Ya done made me go an' lose a whole passel o' mornin' gawpin' at them cute lil bears.

Or perhaps that's not how you talk over there. Anyway, I was sucked in for longer than is good for the rest of this household.

(new quiz chez Dinahmow)

Karen said...

Anyes: I have six at the moment. They are really good conversation starters as I work in a building with 900+ co-workers. I only know a handful (my cube mates), but get to meet new ones when they walk by and see the ducks.

Carolina: Henry is using an old program that only supports Internet Explorer. If you're using Chrome or Foxfire, etc., you won't be able to see the streaming video.

And yes, your goldfinches have more brown than ours - I think. I'll have to go look.

Di: Umm, no. I grew up in Ohio so I have that bland Midwestern accent that people down here don't understand sometimes. But that's OK. Even after 25 years down here, there are times I feel like I need a translator.

Scrappy Grams said...

novel shot of finch
never have seen them do that at my feeder

Brian said...

Anyone wanting to see the web cams or the pictures of the bears please go to

We let expire.