Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Upper Mountain Research Station Dairy Barn

I looked up from taking snapshots of the Corn and Beans quilt and not 500 yards away was anothe quilt. This one was on the dairy barn at the Upper Mountain Research Station.

When I got home and searched the Ashe County Barn Quilt map, it wasn't on there. So I posted to the Barn Quilts and the American Barn Quilt Trail's Face Book page to see if anyone knew the background of the quilt and what the name was. Suzi Parron, who is the administrator for the page and has also written a book on barn quilts, knew that the research station was planning a second quilt, but didn't know the name of the pattern. So, I've emailed the director of the Ashe County Arts Council and hope to get a name to the quilt soon.

But what a nice surprise to have a second barn quilt so close to another one. I hadn't encountered that before.


frayedattheedge said...

You're just doing this to torment me!! One day I might just come to visit and we can visit these barn quilts together!!

Karen said...

Anne: You're right. I'm trying to lure you and Malcolm to North Carolina!