Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Price's Creek Lighthouse

Yesterday I decided to take the ferry from Southport to Fort Fisher and the beaches at the very south part of Wilmington.

As the ferry pulled out of the dock, I turned and looked back and saw this small abandoned lighthouse. I took some snapshots and then went on to the other beaches in search of interesting photos and shells.

When I got back to the beach house last night, I did a little research and found out that this small lighthouse is called Price's Creek Lighthouse and was built in 1849 as one of eight paired lighthouses to guide boats down the Cape Fear River. This is actually the smaller of the pair as a taller light was built behind it. According to what I read on the Internet, ship's captains positioned their vessels so that the taller light appeared directly behind the shorter one. By doing this, their ships would be safely in the middle of the Cape Fear River.

Their heyday lasted until the end of the Civil War when they were abandoned to the weather and scavengers. This is the only one left and now lies inaccessible on private property.


Anyes said...

You certainly know where to go to find those interesting snipets of History everywhere you go Karen :-)

frayedattheedge said...

You always find such interesting things on your travels!!

Karen said...

Anyes: History (and snapshots) are my hobbies. I love the fact that I can combine them and then write about it on my blog.

Anne: It is sort of a contest to prove that there are very interesting places to see in North Carolina as there are overseas. I am envious of all your historical places there in Scotland, but the more I do this, the more fascinating sites I find.