Monday, October 3, 2011

Buckner Hill Plantation, Faison, NC

I know what you're thinking. I went to the beach for vacation, so where are the beach snapshots?

No beach for my Sunday travels - rather away from the beach in search of historic buildings that are too far from Greensboro for a day trip. In fact, I had this specific building on my list for quite a long time and now that I was within driving distance, off I went.

For those of you who saw The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood back in 2002, this house may look familiar. It portrayed Pecan Grove, the Walker family's home place in Louisiana. It is actually Buckner Hill Plantation outside of Faison, NC - many, many miles from Louisiana.

It is one of the largest plantation homes in North Carolina and was built by skilled slaves owned by Dr. Buckner Hill in the 1850's. The floor plan is that of a cruciform with twelve  foot wide halls bisecting both floors. When the weather becomes too hot for the family, the doors and windows are opened and the interior halls become interior porches. The large intersection of the hallways was also used by the original family members as a ballroom.

I saw the owner trimming his hedge out back, stopped and asked if I could come onto the property to take pictures of the front of the house. He's probably quite used to sightseers coming by and was very gracious and allowed me to drive up the driveway and take all the pictures I wanted. 


Anyes said...

I always enjoy your snapshots of those old mansions. Thank you, Karen. Enjoying your vacations?

frayedattheedge said...

What a beautiful house. I know I saw the film (having previously read the book) but I wouldn't have remembered the house. It was great that the owner allowed you such free access!!
Hope you enjoying your holiday - it's has been grey and miserable here!

Rose Lefebvre said...

It has a widows walk on top! Cool!

Karen said...

Anyes: You're quite welcome. More snapshots to come of my vacation!

Anne: And I never saw the movie - just read the book which I throughy enjoyed. In fact, I didn't know that they had filmed at this house until about a year ago when I was doing a little Internet searching on eastern North Carolina historic houses.

Rose: Anybody going up there would have a view over miles of farmland. It is all quite flat in that part of North Carolina.