Thursday, October 6, 2011

Commuting on the Southport Ferry

One thing you can say about the North Carolina Ferry system is that they are strictly utilitarian and cheap. It only costs $5 per car to take this from Southport to Fort Fisher. I imagine during the summer and high season for tourists, that this is generally packed with cars, not the handful you see here.

But there are always freeloaders who sneak on after the ferry has set sail:

Common Grackle

First Summer Herring Gull Juvenile


frayedattheedge said...

When we were in Sydney two years ago, we spent a lot of time on the ferries - a cheap and easy way to get about they city and surrounding area.

Anyes said...

The weather looked quite nice, there and the freeloaders might have been lonely and just wanted human company ;-)

Tracey said...

You are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place near the water! I'm so glad I "followed" Anyes over to your place :-) Your images are gorgeous!

Karen said...

Tracey: I wish that I lived closer, but Greensboro is 225 miles away from the coast. I'm fortunate, however, that a friend has a beach house south of Wilmington that she lends to us from time to time. Thank you for your nice comment!