Friday, October 28, 2011

Song Sparrow on the Patio

A short post as the weather is conspiring against my air card and my ability to upload photographs. We're getting that storm that dumped a foot of snow on Denver a few days ago; no snow, but rain and the temperature has dropped from 78F to the mid-40's. Winter is coming.

The feeders are out in the small garden and this song sparrow showed up on the patio to pick through the seeds spilled out of the feeder in the redbud tree. He is a ground feeder and because of his shading, sometimes the only way I know that I have sparrows in the garden is when the leaves start flying in the air as they scratch around. 

This sparrow is the largest of all of our native sparrows and has the largest number of subspecies - 52. I have no idea which subspecies this one is. Perhaps Melospiza melodia melodia  or Melospiza melodia atlantica or even Melospiza melodia euphonia. Who knows?


Dan said...

Lovely little bird! Are yours starting to return to the feeders now? I am starting to see more in the garden again now that they've eaten the glut of fruit and berries we had this year.
Snow on its way already?

Anyes said...

What a beauty, this one is Karen. I love how you always photograph birds capturing them so close :-)
Temperatures here are slowly dropping...Rain today

dinahmow said...

In NE England it's just called "spuggy."
Local birds will be cross with me - I had 6 trees removed/trimmed yesterday.You should see the bare side yard...or not!Horrid, but had to do it ahead of cyclones...

Carolina said...

I don't. Know, I mean. Not a clue which subspecies this is ;-) But it's a lovely looking bird.
It's turning Autumn here too. No snow yet fortunately. And no rain for the last couple of days, which was a relief. Actually, it's quite warm for the time of year. So I don't have the bird feeders out yet. There's enough for them to find still.

frayedattheedge said...

Whatever sub species it is, it's a very hadsome sparrow!!

Karen said...

Dan: Now that the feeders are up, they are full of all types of birds along with the occasional squirrel and chipmunk. No snow for us, but snow just north of Greensboro up in Virginia.

Anyes: It takes about 30 shots to get a decent one. Thank goodness for digital. Sunshine for this week until Friday.

Di: Spuggy? Cute nickname. I think you need to do what you have to keep yourself and your house safe in that type of weather. I'm always slightly nervous about the river birch out front when the wind picks up.

Carolina: I didn't even know that there were 52 subspecies until Thursday. You know, a little brown bird is a little brown bird.

Anne: Thank you and he thanks you, too!