Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More Barn Quilts

And some more barn quilts that I photographed this past Saturday up in the mountains. I'll identify them if I can.

This is called Dutchman's Puzzle. It is on the workshop of Dan Abernathy who is a renown bird sculptor. He provided a bird Christmas tree ornament for the 2002 White House Christmas tree (only one craftsperson from each state is chosen) and his sculptures are in museums and private collections all over the country. There was a gallery/studio tour in Alleghany County Saturday, so I got two for the price of one.

While there are two barn quilts listed on this particular country road, this isn't one of them. No idea what the pattern name is.

Even if this wasn't listed on the brochure, the pattern is instantly recognizable as Log Cabin. I had to take this from a distance as the barn was at the far end of a large pasture. You can see that they also are a Christmas tree farm (just behind the barn).

I did a quick mental calculation as to how many barn quilts there are in western North Carolina (foothills and mountains). There are probably close to 1000! I promise not to turn this into all barn quilts all the time, but will look for them on future trips.


Anyes said...

Such interesting finds when you and TB travel together. Your photographs remind me of the Summer, with its clear blue sky. Thank you :-)

dinahmow said...

Mightbbe as well you shot the Log Cabin -that barn looks about ready to give up its footings!

frayedattheedge said...

The basic block on Dan Abernathy's barn quilt is flying geese - appropiate given his work!!

Karen said...

Anyes: Surprisingly the skies are never this blue in the summer (probably due to the high levels of ozone). But in the fall - wow, they just pop.

Di: Just a typical mountain farm - fairly close to falling down.

Anne: You're right and I wonder why they didn't do the Flying Geese pattern considering what Dan does for a living. Wonder if he had any input in the process; I forgot to ask when I was there.