Friday, April 29, 2011

What Happened Wednesday Night

This was taken just outside my back gate on Wednesday around 6:30 pm. All the TV stations had interrupted the national news to have continuous coverage of the severe thunderstorms that had been spotted in the area along with unconfirmed reports of tornado touchdowns.

Despite the ominous look of the clouds, it produced very little rain over my house. But the warnings kept coming and it made me so nervous that I went to bed in my street clothes just in case I had to run downstairs to take shelter in the half bath or, if worse came to worse, evacuate the area.

The warnings kept me up half the night - 3:30 am severe thunderstorm warning; 4:15 am tornado warning.

And then, nothing. A couple heavy downpours that lasted at most 20 minutes and winds that gusted up to 30 mph. That was it. Looking at the news the next morning, all the storms just bypassed Greensboro either to the north or to the south. In fact, all of North Carolina dodged the horrendous storms that hit to our south in Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. The tornadoes that hit the eastern part of North Carolina two weeks ago certainly pale in comparison to those of the past two days in the deep South.


rachel said...

Wonderful sky - but I heard advice elsewhere too about taking shelter in the bath, and I can't quite fathom out how that might work if your house is being ripped apart? Explanations welcome!

Anyes said...

I am certainly relieved you are safe and sound but so sad about all the devastation in the deep South.
I am also curious about the half bath shelter?

Stacy Horn said...

Ohmygod, that is such a gorgeous shot!!!

dinahmow said...

Yes, a magnificent photo, but terrible damage in so many places.So early in the season, too.Stay safe.

frayedattheedge said...

Stunning photo! The news of the dreadful storms hasn't had much impact here, as our news programmes have been obsessed with the Royal Wedding. Stay safe!

Carolina said...

Some impressive clouds there. Beautiful. And I'm happy that the worst of the storms passed you by. It is sad that the weather and the ruins so many lives this year though. Stay safe :-)

Karen said...

Rachel and Anyes: I understand that the reason for the bathroom (if you don't have a basement which I don't. My townhouse is built on a concrete slab) is that the walls are more stable due to the plumbing. My half bath (just toilet and sink) has no windows and is next to the concrete block common wall although in Tuscaloosa due to the strength of the tornado, it brought down concrete blocks. I feel a little safer knowing that I have that place to go to just in case.

Stacy: Thank you!

Di: I worry about what May will bring. More storms this week, but not as extreme.

Anne: Obviously the wedding was more important for you all. *I* even got up early to watch it.

Carolina: Very sad and tragic for those who lived through it down south of us.