Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last summer I decided that I needed to do more with the small garden than just throw some mulch on the bare dirt. I ended up planting some sixty to seventy day lily fans, most of which were lost tags and therefore, really really cheap. A few bloomed last year, but most should bloom this summer and so it will be a real surprise to me to see how that experiment turned out.

I turned my attention this spring to the patio and see what I could find at the local nurseries to put into containers. I drove out to a garden nursery out in the county late Saturday afternoon to see if they had anything interesting.

At the front of the nursery was the same old, same old - petunias, geraniums, Easter lilies, etc. But as I moved further towards the back I noticed that they had lots and lots of tropical hibiscus and that they were in colors I hadn't seen here in Greensboro before.

I bought the hibiscus above as I was attracted by the deep yellow petals with the dark red throat. The owner of the nursery told me that he had hybridized that particular hibiscus this winter and I wouldn't find it anywhere else.

I love the colors but as it is only hardy in the tropics (Zones 9 and 10), I will have to treat it as a summer annual. I considered for a few seconds about trying to overwinter it inside, but the cats would look upon it as a tasty  treat and it would still end up in the garbage.

Side Note - I had real problems trying to upload photos to Blogger last night which is why I'm a post behind. Has anyone else had the same problem recently?


rachel said...

Yes, Blogger was being temperamental last night - I had to resort to switching from Compose to HTML, which allowed me to retrieve photos from the old Blogger system.

I've stopped going onto the Help sites, because they seem to be written in ancient Greek by people who really love complexity!

frayedattheedge said...

Don't worry, Typepad can be just as bad - we all have days when we don't get to post. I love the colour of your hibiscus.

Anyes said...

I was lucky enough not to have had any problem lately with uploading photographs. I hope it'll be easier for you tonight.
Beautiful hibiscus, such rich colours.
Thank you so much for helpful suggestions :-)

Carolina said...

It is a gorgeous hibiscus indeed. I'm using Windows Live Writer to write my blogposts. It is easier to do lay-outs in, especially when using text and photos like I often do. I can highly recommend WLW.

Karen said...

Rachel: I don't even bother going to the help sites, either. Getting feedback from you guys is more helpful to me.

Anne: What's the old saying? You get what you paid for? Well, it's free, so . . .

Anyes: I'll keep reading your blog to see what you reveal!

Carolina: I haven't tried WLW, so maybe I'll take a look at using that. I'm using Word and then copying and pasting for the text.