Thursday, April 21, 2011

Storm Clouds

Standing in the parking lot at work Wednesday morning and looking at the clouds that were coming in ahead of another strong storm front (sorry about the flare from the sun). You would think that we were going to be hit with another strong storm like the one that came through Saturday and killed 24 people in the eastern part of the state.

But it just fizzled out and by late afternoon it was bright and sunshiny again.

I was a little disappointed as we desperately need the rain (we are in the midst of a drought again), but we certainly didn't need the tornado and wind part. But we are looking for rain on Friday, so I may stand out in the parking lot again and take more cloud pictures.


Anyes said...

You skies are so amazing, Karen.

frayedattheedge said...

A very striking sky. There is already talk here of there not being enough water in the reservoirs, with the prospect of a hosepipe ban in the summer!

flwrjane said...

I keep trying to remember what painting or painter this sky reminds me of..... GG will know when she gets home.

Impressive piece of work here madame.

xo Jane

Scrappy Grams said...

amazing shot!

Carolina said...

That is an amazing shot of some amazing clouds. I've seen something in the news about the tornados. I'm so sorry for all those people who are victims of such extreme weather.
It's one of the things we people don't have any influence on. Yet.

Karen said...

Anyes: They can be really overwhelming sometimes. I wonder if the mountains to the west have anything to do with that.

Anne: Back in 1998 when we were in the middle of the worst drought ever, there was talk of evacuating Greensboro because the reservoirs were drying up. I wonder where they would have sent close to 300,000 residents. Fortunately it broke in early fall so I never found out.

Jane: I was thinking some Renaissance painting with a Greek Goddess perhaps? The only impressive part was not falling over when I was shooting straight up in the sky.

SG: Thank you, but you guys get some impressive skies up there in Indiana, too. I grew up in Ohio, so I know of what I speak.

Carolina: I am always amazed when what happens here in North Carolina makes it across the Atlantic to the UK and Europe.