Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunset Sunday

This was taken on this past Friday as the huge storm that started in the Midwest came towards North Carolina.  I had just arrived home after driving up from Atlanta just ahead of the storm.

Greensboro was lucky; we just got lots of rain and wind with some gusts over 50 mph on Saturday. Unfortunately to the east of us in the Raleigh and Fayetteville areas, there were multiple tornado touchdowns and reports of 14 people killed.

This spring is turning out to be as extreme as this past winter was.

You can find Sunset Sundays over at Finding Another View. I'm doing this with Anyes at Far away in the Sunshine as an ongoing project.


Scrappy Grams said...

Mother Nature is surely taking a toll all around us.

frayedattheedge said...

Another stunning sky! How awful that so many people died - we are very fortunate not to have tornadoes here.

Anyes said...

I am glad to know you are back safe and sound. Those stormy skies do give for such awesome snapshots.
How was Atlanta?

Karen said...

SG: And you would think that it would have been the Midwest to get hit hard by something like this, not North Carolina.

Anne: It has been a dreadful weekend for the eastern part of North Carolina. Last count I heard this morning, 22 dead. We haven't had anything like this since 1984.

Anyes: Atlanta was the pits. I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic that crawled from one stoplight to another stoplight. I was so glad to get home Friday evening!

Dartford Warbler said...

What an amazing sky. I thought about you last week when news of the storms reached us.