Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunset Sunday

This was the leading edge of that monster storm that killed more than 340 people in the Deep South - Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. I took this last Tuesday evening in the parking lot of the asphalt plant on Burgess Road, just east of the airport.

Reading over the reports of what happened, especially in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I see how fortunate that we were here in Greensboro.

You can find Sunset Sundays over at Finding Another View. I'm doing this with Anyes at Far away in the Sunshine as an ongoing project.


frayedattheedge said...

How sad that this stunning sky was the harbinger of so much death and destruction!

Anyes said...

How so much beauty can cause so much destruction? The amazing power of nature will never cease to surprise me. Awesome snapshot Karen :-)

Dan said...

Gosh, I saw this storm on the news, so terrible for the people affected. It's a beautiful picture though.

Carolina said...

That such a stunning golden sky can hold so much destructive power. Quite a contradiction. Gorgeous photo.

Karen said...

Anne: It was quite dramatic and I had no idea at the time what would happen that next day.

Anyes: I guess you are quite fortunate there in Vancouver not to deal with such weather. I think I would trade the dramatic skies for your calm.

Dan: Thank you. The numbers, however, are continuing to climb. It may come close to Katrina in terms of destruction.

Carolina: You are right - quite a huge contradiction.

Susie said...

Wow, cousin, your shots just get more and more spectacular. The clouds/storm pics are amazing and I love your new header,redbud??

Kathy said...

You should check out the little book called the Cloud Collector. your pictures remind me of all the amazing clouds there are and that they all have a name.