Friday, April 8, 2011

April Sunset

If I thought I could get away with it, I'd have a blog with nothing but pictures of sunsets. I am just absolutely fascinated by the cloud formations and the glow of the sun as it goes below the horizon.

I took this last night in the parking lot of a bank. Trying to find an open space in Greensboro that isn't criss-crossed by overhead power lines is nearly impossible, which is why so many of my sunset pictures are taken out in the county.

If you look towards the middle of the picture you can see the contrails of the jets that have just left the Greensboro airport. We are just a regional airport, not a large hub, so the jets that fly in are generally the smaller 50 seat Bombardiers and the like. There are also the larger propeller commuter planes that make the trip up to Washington, DC a couple of times a day.

An interesting side note about the Piedmont Triad Airport - it is used as a training airport for the pilots of Air Force One, President Obama's plane. Every couple of months, the Air Force flies down here from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and practices landings and take offs.


Scrappy Grams said...

gorgeous colors!

Hugh said...

The most incredible sunset I've ever seen was on the NC coast. South Core banks looking west across the Core Sound. 180 degrees of varying shades and intensities of pastel colors that grew and faded at different times. Had to stop cooking dinner just to take it all in.

Anyes said...

Your sunsets Karen are always so dramatic and full of colours. Stunning!

frayedattheedge said...

I have the same problems with power lines here, spoiling my photos!

jhs said...

I have the most beautiful print of a photo titled "Chatham Sunset" done by my friend Mike Floyd from Danville. It is much the quality of this one, but offset by a clump of oaks in the fore ground. Very nice and I would love to see your daily sunset photos.

Karen said...

SG: The colors are what made me drive all over town looking for a good vantage point to take the picture.

Hugh: One of my most favorite snapshots is one I took last year at Holden Beach when a storm was coming in and the clouds were absolutely blood red.

Anyes: Thank you, but I'm glad we are doing the other sky thing on Sundays now.

Anne: Too bad we can't convince the power companies to bury all their power lines for our convenience, but I understand the cost would be prohibitive.

Jeff: You know how seldom we get spectacular sunsets here in the Piedmont, unfortunately. My blog would be updated maybe once a month. But I'll continue to chase them when I can and post the best ones. Fortunately Lake Brandt is just down the street from me and I can drive down to the marina now that it is open until 8pm.