Friday, April 22, 2011

April Roses

Brown Velvet
Somehow I got it into my mind that roses didn't bloom until June. I'm not sure where I picked that one up since obviously roses (at least mine) are blooming in April.

I think maybe it is because I have childhood memories of my grandmother's garden full of roses in bloom in June when school was out and I would spend practically all of my time at her house. Her half-acre lot was full of rose bushes and the only presents she ever wanted for Mother's Day were more roses.

In my small garden which has maybe 90 square feet to garden in, my roses sit in containers on the patio. The rest of the garden is given over to daylilies (although I stuck a few Oriental lilies in this spring), a crepe myrtle and the Forest Pansy redbud.

The Brown Velvet came from a nursery in Oregon that I found on line - Rogue Valley Roses. The Knockout rose (name unknown) came from the tractor supply store down the road when they were practically giving away what was left in their nursery. I have two other RVR roses, Incantation and Baby Pat Austin, that have not yet bloomed although they have buds. I went back and ordered two more rose bands from RVR to come next week.  I'd like to have the patio full of container roses while the lilies grow in the garden.


Anyes said...

Karen, No matter when they bloom you sure captured their beauty spot on. Enjoy your Easter week-end :-)

frayedattheedge said...

The roses are beautiful - we don't even have a bud on ours yet!

dinahmow said...

I love that Brown Velvet!And I'm thinking that I'll lift my "Apricot Nectar" and put it in a shrub tub. The poor thing is struggling for sustenance since a big rogue fig got the upper hand. Pass me a chain saw, Willie!

Ron Ruiter said...

Great photo

Carolina said...

The roses in my garden don't even have buds yet (I think, I'll have to check to be sure). But I prune them right back in March, so it would be a true miracle if they were in bloom in April. Yours are miraculously beautiful.

Karen said...

Anyes: Thank you and more pictures to come as all five rose bushes have buds along with the Stella d'Oro daylily.

Anne: Maybe that's why I thought they bloomed in June since that would be the time for them in Scotland.

Di: The Brown Velvet is a gorgeous rose propagated by Paul Bearden. But the thing is now struggling with black spot so I'll have to figure out how to save it.

Ron: Thank you for the kind comment. I would've suspected that a 32 Ford would've been more to your liking than roses.

Carolina: I cut mine back severely in March as the experts said I should (this was my first year with roses). I was very skeptical but they've roared back with a vengence.