Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Small Garden's Mourning Dove

Now to balance out the vultures from yesterday, I'll go to one of my mourning doves who lives in the small garden.


judy in ky said...

I think they are so pretty. We had a pair who roosted on our deck at our old house. I miss that.

Anyes said...

Such a pretty bird, I love the soft hue of the feathers. Thank you Karen

frayedattheedge said...

Much prettier than my pigeon!!

Karen said...

Judy; I love them, too, especially the call they make in the mornings. Serious birders hate them, though. They think they are dumb and too common like pigeons.

Anyes: A nice contrast to the vultures, I think.

Anne: Oh, I like your pigeon very much. I don't get any pigeons here in the small garden. They want to hang out downtown - mostly in the parks and parking garages.