Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something Different This Time

No birds, no buildings, none of the same old, same old. Thought I'd take a few photos of something new. As an aside, Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers says that I will have to practice for 10,000 hours before I could consider myself an expert. Since I only take snapshots for about an hour a day during the week and probably five hours more on the weekend, it will take me 20 years before I will become proficient (520 hours a year - so actually a little more than 19 ¼ years).  I will be an old lady by then, but if I don't keep at it I'd still be an old lady, albeit one who hadn't worked at her photography.

I collect paperweights. Actually I collect only Blenko Glass paperweights. Blenko only made them between 1963 to 1975, so these have been found through eBay and Goodwill's online auction site. A couple of my paperweights in closeup. 


flwrjane said...


xo Jane

Anyes said...

Wow, Karen, I love it!
I have the book Outliers, it was offered to me by a very good friend, it's next on my reading list :-)

frayedattheedge said...

Fabulous photos! I've got no chance of becoming an expert by that rule, as I don't spend that long taking photos ....... but I think some people are experts from almost their first photos, and some will never be anything but average.

Carolina said...


rachel said...

Wonderful - ignore all that stuff about the 120 years it might take to become an expert. Stuff and nonsense!

Dartford Warbler said...

What stunning shapes and colours. I`m inclined to agree with Rachel. Just enjoy your photography. It is a record of your life and an expression of your visual sensibility.
That definition of an ~expert~ sounds a little obsessional and maybe rather a "male" viewpoint, albeit from a master of the art? Your photos give a lot of pleasure so please keep taking them and don`t feel you have to wait a hundred years to be "good at it"!

Karen said...

Jane: Thank you!

Anyes: If you have a chance, read it. I always think Malcolm Gladwell has some thought provoking ideas in his books.

Anne: Well, I'm going to foist the practice, practice, practice photos on you all. Some good and some bad until I can get a sense of what works well.

Carolina: And a very big thank you to you, too!

Rachel: You are an inspiration to me. I wish I could write as well and as creatively as you do.

DW: I do enjoy, but the goal is to become the best serious hobbiest that I can be, even if it takes a hundred years. But then I will have also achieved the goal of being the oldest photographer in the world - 155 years old! And still blogging!