Saturday, January 8, 2011

For My Friends Up North

For Betsy who goes to work and comes home in the dark and so can't see the birds, here are two bluebirds for you:

For Stacy, who had to give up feeding her beloved rock doves due to the Great Recession, here is a mourning dove for you:

And to round things out (and because I don't think I've done a close up of a cardinal yet), the North Carolina state bird:


Stacy Horn said...

Awwwww! Thank you so much!!

frayedattheedge said...

Not fair!! Much, much more colourful than our birds!!

Anyes said...

My favourite is the Cardinal one, I love its beautiful colours :-)

Karen said...

Stacy: I'll put up more mourning doves for you and let you know when I do. Never see pigeons around at all, except downtown.

Anne: Well, I might disagree with you about that. You have colorful birds, too.

Anyes: The cardinal is so common (along with the house finches), I'm getting tired of taking pictures of them. But he does bring color to the small garden when it is gray and gloomy outside.

Betsy said...

Thanks Karen, I love it! I had bluebirds nesting in the top of a dead birch tree in my back yard 2 years ago. I never saw them around before and haven't since so it's a treat to see them here.

Karen said...

Betsy: You're quite welcome. I generally only get the bluebirds in the winter when they are looking for food. They don't like being in the small garden in the summertime because of the privacy fence; they prefer wide open areas.