Thursday, January 20, 2011

Portrait of a Cat

I keep forgetting that the FZ35 has all sorts of different shooting modes. I tend to stay with just landscape and macro mode to shoot the snapshots. I haven't even strayed out of the safety of letting the camera decide for me to see how to use the focus and shutter manually. I guess it will come in the next twenty years of practice.

The camera has a couple of arty settings - pin hole and film grain. I was just messing around last night with film grain and got Zoey to pose for me while I took some portraits of her.

Here she is in her "You talkin' to me?" Robert DeNiro mode:

Maybe I could become a cat portraitist? Despite the expression, she is a very sweet and people loving cat.


Dan said...

Oh what a fantastic picture Karen!!

moreidlethoughts said...

Yes, I've seen that same expression.
I,too, should do more homework and practice with my Canon...

Val said...

Now that's attitude if ever I saw it. Gorgeous cat, excellent photograph.

frayedattheedge said...

She is definitely saying 'Don't mess with me'!!

Anyes said...

...Come again! Take my picture, and be done with it already" thinks the beautiful Zoey muffling under her whiskers...
When is she having her own blog?;-)

Karen said...

Dan: Thank you. She is a very patient model despite the expression.

Di: This is called "Stop messing with me and let me nap." She was on the back of the sofa and I kept calling her name to wake her up.

Val: She is a sweetie-pie, but she could use a tummy tuck (even the vet says so). Not fat, but has a tummy that hangs down.

Anne: She was slightly annoyed that my calling her name didn't include treats.

Anyes: If I could write something as interesting as Marie does with Estorbo, I'd do it in a second. However, I'm just not that imaginative.