Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Little Downy Woodpecker

This winter has been unusual for North Carolina. We had a December which was the coldest on record versus December 2009 which was one of the warmest on  record. We had the most snow ever since records started being kept back in the 1880's on Christmas Day. There have been weeks where the temperatures never got out of the low 30's which is generally our lows, not our high temperatures for the winter.

And another snow storm hit Greensboro Monday afternoon. While we didn't get the amount of snow that Charlotte got (six inches at last look), we did get a couple inches and then ice on top. So I'll stay home and watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks through the sliding glass doors here in the dining room.

I put up a large suet feeder with suet cakes for the clinging birds and the little downy woodpeckers have been feeding there several times a day even as the weather turns bad. I guess they are like the postal workers - neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night shall keep them from their appointed rounds.


Carolina said...

We've had lots of snow too. If I'm correct, this was white Christmas No. 8 in the last 100 years.

I do love woodpeckers. We see 'grote bonte spechten' here regularly, which is the larger black and white variety with a red belly. But this last Spring I've seen my first ever small woodpecker. The male ánd the female. Very special.

Keep warm ;-)

Anyes said...

He must be grateful to find nourishment on your feeder, even if it under this type of weather. I am feeling the chill just looking at your photograph...Brrrr

frayedattheedge said...

We still haven't had a woodpecker on our feeders this winter .... so thanks for the photo!!

Karen said...

Carolina: Looks like this wild winter weather has affected everyone - you in Europe and us here in the States. The red-bellied woodpecker comes every day, too, but never uses the suet feeder.

Anyes: The small garden has turned into Grand Central Bird Feeding Station, but I like doing it.

Anne: Still a couple more months of winter to go, so keep an eye out. I'll bet they will show up sometime.