Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunset Sunday

Anyes at Far away in the Sunshine asked if I would be interested in doing Sunset Sundays that Scott Law over at Finding Another View had started. I was delighted to become part of that and so here is my sunset shot. Now I wish I could say that I was at the beach recently, but this is from January 2010 when I was at Holden Beach here in North Carolina. Still looking for that sunset shot this January if the weather would only cooperate!


Anyes said...

So many colours in this Sunset sky, What a beauty! Enjoy your Sunday :-)

frayedattheedge said...

What a beautiful sunset! We haven't had a proper sunset for weeks ...... however we have been promised settled weather for this week, so maybe we'll get one.

Karen said...

Anyes: It also helps to have water reflect the sun's reflection. Back to the beach in a couple of weeks for a long weekend. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather is good.

Anne: We haven't had a good sunset in weeks either. Rain today and tomorrow, but hopefully sun for the rest of the week.