Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Garden Monster at Work

While going through old snapshots so I could post something other than birds, I came across the garden monster in the act of destroying my tube feeder:

And I'm finding out the three cheap feeders that replaced this big one aren't working for the mid-sized birds like this poor bluebird which attempts to land at the feeder and ends up flying off because the perch is too small.

So back to the store to buy another three-tube feeder. This bird feeding thing is getting more and more expensive.


chickory said...

The garden monster built a nest in the car's trunk here. In north georgia i am on day 5 of snow. bet you are too. I have to say its been great for bird watching. I love the downy woodpecker below. such a deliberate mover.

Anyes said...

Poor little Bluebird looks so disappointed not to have been able to feed to its heart content :-(
We had snow yesterday, back to rain today so everything is melting...

Val said...

That little blue bird is exquisite. Enjoying a chuckle about the antics of the "monster". We used to have a large palm tree which was the site of loud disagreements between the nesting pigeons and the resident squirrels.
Thanks for the visit and your kind comments.

Karen said...

Chickory: Actually only one inch of snow, but it keeps melting and then becomes ice. I guess thank goodness I have a minivan and no trunk for nest building.

Anyes: I just felt so bad that they couldn't use the feeders without having to madly flap their wings, I went out and bought a new feeder last night.

Val: I am so, so tired of the garden monster. He has the bird table to feed from; I wish he'd leave the other feeders alone.