Monday, January 24, 2011

Mallard Ducks and a Mute Swan

On my way up to the feed store to pick up some more bird seed, I decided to drive down a side road which was just a little more than a mile from my house, just to see the new subdivision with the very expensive houses that the builder can't sell (he built them a year after the housing meltdown. I'm not sure what he expected).

As I drove further down the road to the older subdivision that had been built around a small lake back in the 1970's, I came across a group of mallard ducks and a large white feathered butt. I jumped out of the car to take picture of the mallards just as they saw me and took off:

Not being able to get a good snapshot of the mallards (which by then had all flown away), I took a shot of what I thought was the back end of a white domestic duck just for laughs:

Imagine my surprise when the "duck" came up for air and turned out to be a mute swan:

It is not native to the US and so this is more than likely owned by someone who lives around this lake. I did see a couple of domestic ducks along the shoreline along with a huge group of wood ducks that did the same thing as the mallard ducks did when I tried to take a snapshot - flew away.

All the pictures were taken with the Panasonic FP8 as I had not planned on taking the big camera for a bird seed run.


moreidlethoughts said...

Lovely swan! (so what if it's an introduced pest - I still think it's lovely!)

It's long been a plan to do a set of swan prints, with our native blacks and introduced whites.You may have kick-started this!

Carolina said...

You caught the flying duck very well!

Anyes said...

The water around the swan totally looks like a painting, So lovely! enjoy your week, Karen :-)

frayedattheedge said...

At last I have something you (almost) don't ...... swans are quite commom here! I love the action photo of the duck taking off!

Karen said...

Di: I would love to see the finished prints on your blog. Glad to be the little nudge.

Carolina: I just wish I had had the big camera to get a better picture of a duck flying away, though.

Anyes: I was lucky to catch the water looking like that. Just a little bit of sun through the overcast helped, I think.

Anne: You're lucky to have swans. Unlike the vultures, the only swans we have are the ones someone brought in to the area. I've only once seen a native swan (a trumpeter) and that was up in the Delmarva pennisula on the Virginia side.