Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eclectus Parrot

Would you believe that I walked right under this parrot and never would have noticed him if another visitor hadn't pointed him out for me.

I've never heard of an Eclectus Parrot. According to Wikipedia, this is a female Eclectus as the male is bright green. In fact, for the longest time (since birds are so hard to sex), it was thought that these were two distinct species. No other bird species has this extreme of color difference for male and female.

This particular female is the subspecies Eclectus roratus vosmaeri, known as the Vosmaer's Eclectus.  It is larger in size than the main subspecies of Eclectus with more yellow in its plumage. It is found on islands in the North Maluku province of Indonesia.

Definitely not a little brown job!


flwrjane said...

That is one perfect Christmas decoration.

xo Jane

Dan said...

Hurrah, finally we get to be a bright colour instead of brown!!

Carolina said...

Such fun for people who are colourblind ;-)

And finally a species (other than human) where the woman is more beautiful than the man. I'm guessing here. Perhaps the all green man is just as gorgeous. Great shot!

frayedattheedge said...

Huh - we never saw any birds like this when we lived in Indonesia .... although we did see enormouse fruit bats!

Anyes said...

Looking at this gorgeous creature I feel all tropical,
exactly what the doctor ordered :-)

Karen said...

Jane: You could hang her on the Christmas tree!

Dan: Wait until I post about my wayward Baltimore Oriole. Pretty close in brilliant colors.

Carolina: Even as bright and colorful as she was, I still missed seeing her until she was pointed out. I don't know if she has a male companion there at the zoo and I need to go back to Wikipedia to see if there are any pictures.

Anne: I would like to see some fruit bats and I think they have some at the NC Zoo, but we just didn't have the time. I am jealous, however. Indonesia! India!

Anyes: Yes, a nice pop of color in this gray, gray winter.