Monday, December 13, 2010

A Bird at the Feeder


We went to the North Carolina Zoo as our Saturday day trip as it is only 45 minutes down the road and we could get in and out in a few hours.

We were only two of 24 visitors that day. I mean, who is going to go to an outdoor zoo in 30 degree weather except for crazy people. I only wanted to hit one exhibit which was indoors and of course, was the aviary.

This is a Chilean flamingo, a bird whose range is from the middle of Chile down to Tierra del Fuego so it can withstand the colder winter temperatures outdoors here in North Carolina unlike its Caribbean cousins. It is on the IUCN's red list and rarely breeds in captivity.


Carolina said...

Great colour (your title and 'not' made me smile)

moreidlethoughts said...

We had an ibis on a feeder platform at the old house. An ibis!(But ibis can be very gregarious.)

Anyes said...

You got me with the title ;-)

Val said...

Thanks for your vist and compliment, Karen. Your flamingo picture is excellent, I know from experience how difficult they are to photograph, particularly en masse, when they never seem to keep still. We have a marvellous place in Hout Bay called World of Birds. Here you can actually walk through huge aviaries, sit amongst the most affectionate little monkeys and enjoy baby owls trying to pull your shoelaces undone. However, I did give up on the cranes and flamingos!

Karen said...

Carolina: And of course you know that their color comes from the shrimp in their food. Without it, you'd have white flamingos.

Di: And a post for you this morning, although probably not the right ibis.

Anyes: Well, it has turned into all birds all the time, hasn't it?

Val: There are just tropical birds in this aviary along with a couple of tortoises that I never saw. This zoo just has the Great Apes - chimpanzees, gorillas, and the like - although they did just open a lemur exhibit which we didn't get to on this trip.