Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Bird at (Di's) Feeder

For Dinahmow as she said that she had ibis visit her feeder there in Australia.

My guess is that she had the Australian White Ibis and this is a Scarlet Ibis which is only found in the Caribbean. Sorry, Di, it was the only Ibis in the aviary and unfortunately not a very good shot. I didn't use a flash inside as I didn't want to scare off the birds, there is no artificial lighting and the sky was very overcast. I did set the exposure to compensate, but it caused the picture to not be as sharp as I wanted.


Carolina said...

I think it came out great. I prefer not to use flash, because I think it gives such a harsh light. Have been looking to buy a speedlite flash (an external one you can mount on the camera), in order to be able to flash via the ceiling for instance. Maybe a nice Christmas present for myself ;-)

rhymeswithplague said...

What a lovely blog! I dropped by today for the first time from Carolina's place and have browsed through several of your posts.

I see you are in Greensboro. Do you know about replacements.com that is located there? Also, esoteric fact #274: Mrs. RWP grew up in Wilson, NC, and has a cousin who is either a CPA or manages a bank in Greensboro.

Anyes said...

No more LBJ's for you Karen ;-)
Bigger and more exotic, which ever size or colour, you sure know how to photograph them. I love it. Thank you

frayedattheedge said...

OK - you definitely with these two birds!! I try not to use flash - it washes the colour out - also, as you said, it would startle the birds. We have horrible weather forecast for later in the week - bah humbug! We are hoping to visit Stuart at the start of next week, but if that's not possible, we will just have a delayed Christmas with him when the weather improves!

moreidlethoughts said...

Ooh! Pretty.
Yes, you're right about "our" Ibis.In some places, they are so numerous, raucous and smelly that some people have demanded Councils exterminate them. But a louder protest said:"Leave the birds and move on yourself!"
For those who might be curious

Karen said...

Carolina: I rarely use a flash even to fill in because, as you said, it just creates a harsh light.

RWP: It's funny, isn't it, to find a blogger in NC through a blog in the Netherlands when you are in Georgia just down the road (so to speak). Replacements, Ltd., is a local success story and Bob Page, the founder, is a big deal here in Greensboro.

Anyes: Well,no LBJ's this week, but I'm getting a huge selection of different sparrows so they will be back.

Anne: Terrible weather forecasted for us, too. What happened to the mild winter forecasted for here?

Di: Just for you! The only native ibises are way down south of here. I'll only see them in zoos.

Carolina said...

Totally off topic, but, curious as I am, I googled replacements ltd. greensboro, not knowing what to expect.
What a great idea for a business though! I can understand why it is such a big success. I love to learn something every day, and this was it for today. I've learned there are seven football fields filled with replacements in Greensboro. It could come in handy one day ;-)
Sorry for filling your comments section with this, but on the other hand... more comments make you look even more popular than you are already :-)

Karen said...

Carolina: And they do ship overseas. The cool thing with them is that they let the employees bring their dogs to work every day(as long as they are well-trained).