Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Amazon Lily

No birds today. Flowers, instead!

Since the aviary at the zoo is replicating a tropical forest, it is also planted with 60 different plant species from tropical areas all over the world. One of the plants that was blooming this past Saturday was an Amazon Lily. It can be grown in Zones 10-11, or the extreme southern areas of states such as Florida or can be kept indoors in all other zones.

I read at Plant Files that one woman has had an Amazon lily plant since the 1950's, so it seems to be an extremely long-lived plant under the right conditions.


Anyes said...

Flowers are great too, I love the drooping flower stems, very graceful. Thank you, Karen :-)

frayedattheedge said...

A lovely flower! I haven't forgotten about the quilt block - I just haven't found it yet!!

Carolina said...

It is a gorgeous flower.
It wouldn't survive more than a week in my house. I can kill a cactus ;-)

moreidlethoughts said...

Yes, worth having. The white is bright-white and the smell wonderful.

Karen said...

Anyes: This will be the only blooming flower I'll see for a while. Freezing rain today and stuck at home!

Anne: It is a gorgeous flower and I wished I had taken more pictures of it in context rather than just close ups.

Carolina: No living plants indoors here as the cats would use them as hors d'oeuvres.

Di: Is it a garden plant for you all there in Oz?