Monday, August 8, 2011

Route 18 near Ennis, North Carolina

We went back to Alleghany County to search for barn quilts. According to the brochure that a friend picked up for me on a past trip, there were 78 quilts to be found (Alleghany County doesn't have a website like neighboring Watauga County). We couldn't do all 78 in one day, so I used Google Maps to plot out 13.

It was like a scavenger hunt. Google Maps took us on wild goose chases in some of the quilts, so I had to rely on a North Carolina gazetteer that I had in the car. At the end of the trip, we only found five out of the 13. And then there are the 65 we didn't even look for. It will make for more interesting day trips and by the end we will know every nook and cranny of Alleghany County up in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The above picture is in front of one of the barn quilts (and one of the largest I've seen on any barn). And a close up of the abandoned one room school house and truck:

Tomorrow I'll start posting pictures of the barn quilts we found up in the mountains.


Anyes said...

I really enjoy your road trips in search of barn quilts. It gives me such a sense of times gone just by looking at your snapshots. Thank you, Karen :-)

frayedattheedge said...

I love the second photo! I'm looking forward to seeing the barn quilts.

Lilli said...

Love your photographs; they do talk to my rural soul. Thank you!
Lilli (in Norway)

Karen said...

Anyes: I'm glad you enjoy this. Remember in this county alone there are 78, of which we only found five. 73 more to post about. Will this bore you?

Anne: I wish I could have taken a picture of the front of the schoolhouse, but it could only be seen from a windy road with no shoulder to pull over on to take a picture.

Lilli: Takk og velkommen til min blogg (I hope that is right). I spend a lot of time up in our mountains taking snapshots so that my blogger friends overseas can see our beautiful North Carolinian countryside.

Dartford Warbler said...

It certainly is beautiful countryside. Reminiscent of parts of England or a remote Welsh valley.

Such a good, atmospheric shot of the old school house. What stories those walls could tell!

Lilli said...

Aaahhh, your Norwegian is perfect! Tusen takk! I do love the light in your photographs, and also your choice of motifs.

Karen said...

DW: Maybe that is why this area appeals to me so much since my paternal grandmother's ancestors came from Wales.

Lilli: Thank Google Translator. My second language is German and only if you speak quite slowly.