Wednesday, August 3, 2011

House Finch

And here's a better picture when I am using the camera correctly.

I decided to  put up one bird feeder now that nesting season is over. For the moment all I'm seeing at the feeder are house finches and the occasional cardinal who just can't quite manage the cage. Cardinals do much better with platform feeders and the one I have will come out in the fall again.

This female house finch shows signs of having a long summer caring for her chicks. You can see a bald patch on her stomach area or a brood patch. It works like a hot water bottle while she is incubating her eggs (although during this summer she could have probably done without it).

At least something is thriving in the small garden. Well, the roses are doing well, but I spend everyday watering them.


Anyes said...

Your bird photographs are always stunning Karen, such a pleasure. Thank you

frayedattheedge said...

Fabulous photo - I love how yoy caught her with the seed in her beak!

Dan said...

A smashing picture Karen! Is this our UK 'House Sparrow'??

Karen said...

Anyes: Thank you. I'm thinking of putting out the feeders a couple months early than normal since the small garden is kaput. So more snapshots to come.

Anne: And that came after I deleted the 30-odd photos that stunk.

Dan: No, I don't get sparrows (mostly Song sparrows) until late fall. The House Finches were originally only native to Mexico, but where released in the States illegally in the 1940s and have practically dispaced our native Purple Finch.