Friday, August 12, 2011

Pine Tree Barn Quilt, Ennis, NC

This barn quilt is appropriately called Pine Tree as it is on  a shed on a Christmas tree farm.

For those of you who live outside of North Carolina and buy a Fraser fir at a local Christmas tree lot or a grocery store, it likely came from Alleghany County or its neighboring counties, Watauga and Ashe. There is even a website for North Carolina Christmas Tree farmers which says that there are 1,600 growers producing an estimated 50 million Fraser fir Christmas trees growing on over 25,000 acres.  The North Carolina Christmas Tree Industry is ranked second in the nation in number of trees harvested.

Zach Galifianakis of The Hangover fame also has a farm somewhere there in the county. Actually I didn't know that until today when I was doing a quick look through Wikipedia, so we weren't even looking for Zach.


Lilli said...

Hello Karen; thank you for yet another great example. I do enjoy studying the difference between North Carolina and here. And the similarities. We are celebrating our son's 18 birthday over the weekend, but I will find the time very soon to send you a mail.
Enjoy your weekend!

frayedattheedge said...

Appropriate indeed! Amazing facts about the Christmas tree farms. To put the amount of trees in perspective ..... there are just over 5 million people in Scotland!!

dinahmow said...

Nice stats. Just a pity they do not quite edge-out the stats for trees being bulldozed. :-(

Karen said...

Lilli: I think that in the long run, we are all more alike than we are different no matter were we live. Would love to see pictures of where you live in Norway.

Anne: We could put ten Christmas trees in every house in Scotland. That would be interesting, wouldn't it? I keep forgetting that Scotland's population is even smaller than North Carolina which has 9.5 million people and the US has 330 million.

Di: Fortunately here in Greensboro they passed a statute that said that you had to either keep so many trees in a subdivision or, if you had to bulldoze those that already existed, plant X number of trees. We have a city arborist who works with these developers or did until things ground to a halt with the collapse of the real estate industry. The city believes in keeping the green in Greensboro.