Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Handy Andy, Off the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

And you can have a barn quilt even if you don't have a barn. I found this quilt on a narrow gravel road off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The name of this particular pattern is Handy Andy.

Google Maps was able to locate this for me unlike eight others.


frayedattheedge said...

Never mind the quilt, I want that house!! I haven't seen that block before - I'll need to see if it is in any of my books.

Lilli said...

I love barns; mostly probably of what they represent in ways of rural life, but also because they are endangered, at least here in Norway. Barn quilts are new to me, we don't have them. Except from their obvious beauty, do they serve some purpose?
(I'm learning things already - love that!)

Karen said...

Anne: I'm hoping you got my email with the quilt block link.

Lilli: I will send you an email with a couple of links to our barn quilt trails here in our mountains (there are several trails). Perhaps you could get someting similar started there in Norway. I'm trying to convince Anne (above) to start one in Scotland.

Karen said...

Lilli: Here is a link to the barn quilts of Western North Carolina (the photos I took this week are not part of this particular trail). There is a lot of information about the barn quilts and how and why the trails got started:

I have a lot more information and contacts if you want to email me:

Val said...

Karen, lovely to hear from you! Looking forward to catching up with your interesting posts.

dinahmow said...

I'm in the queue for the house, too. No deal? OK, just the paint then. Love that blue.

Karen said...

Val: So glad to have you back.

Di: I think the style of the house is just so evocative. We would have never seen it if it weren't for the barn quilt as it was way off the beaten track down a gravel road.