Thursday, August 25, 2011

Before the Hurricane

The calm before the storm? I went down the road to my favorite open field to take pictures of the clouds as Hurricane Irene churns closer to the North Carolina coast.

Right now there are just high wispy clouds coming from the east, which may or may not be precursors of the hurricane. Unless it takes a greater turn to the west, we will be outside of the impact area by about 75 miles. It will probably hit the Outer Banks as it sticks out the farthest into the Atlantic. Greensboro is about 300 miles from Cape Hatteras and the hurricane spreads out 200 miles from its eye.

But it will probably do great damage farther up the coast in New Jersey and New York. They haven't had a Category 3 hurricane since the 1940's and millions of people in the succeeding years have moved to the coastal area. Let's hope that it isn't as devastating as the forecasters have predicted today.


dinahmow said...

I've been looking at Weather Underground and wondering just which way this beast will "jump."
Scary, but not as unpredictable as earthquakes!

Anyes said...

Thinking of you :-)

Preston said...

Beautiful photograph!

Lilli said...

Yes, that's a stunning photograph, and the sky looks promising. I have started to follow the weather reports from America. To us 'hurricane' is just another word, and I can even begin to grasp the impact of Irene.
Stay safe, Karen.

Ann said...

Just dropped your blog from another one as you do and liked what I saw, such amazing photographs. I will drop by for another browse and will follow you.
Stay save from the hurricane.
Happy weekend