Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dresden Flower Fan, Glade Valley, NC

The Dresden Flower Fan (or Dresden Plate, as it is also known) is probably one of the most recognizable of quilt patterns. This is one of the smaller barn quilts, 4x4, and the first one that we found. I spent time fruitlessly trying to find the first two which were supposed to be right off US Highway 21 south of Sparta, but when I almost pulled out in front of a speeding car, I quit that hunt and moved on.

The birds on the power line are barn swallows and there must have been close to fifty near this shed, swooping around our heads and squeaking their calls as they chased bugs on the wing. I wish I could've gotten better snapshots, but, true to their nature they didn't stay still for long and I couldn't get the camera to focus quick enough.


Anyes said...

There is something about those old barns that really appeals to my country girl's heart :-)

Karen said...

Anyes: I love these old barns, sheds and schoolhouses up in the mountains, too. Such character and charm!